WELCOME to the inaugural issue of the Franciscan Family Network - a resource publication created for Franciscan families by the National Family Commission of the Secular Franciscan Order.  It features an insightful array of information, practical tips, and Franciscan wisdom that will help and guide us in promoting the Franciscan family.

We include a list of resources such as: websites, books, videos, tapes, magazines, and articles addressing the range of issues and questions faced by families; family activities and family games you can do at your meetings.  There is a column, Legislative Update on bills concerning the family, status of the bills, action taken and the position of the Church on these bills if this information is available.

It is our hope that this web site will serve as a vehicle for sharing information among the family commissioners of the different regions.  Through this medium the regional fraternities will be exchanging apostolates, programs, and activities.  This sharing will make us a vibrant spirit-filled community.

We encourage, therefore, Family Commission chairs to share their experiences and we invite all Franciscans to contribute articles on family.  Alina Zygmunt, one of the members of the National Family Commission is our first contributor.  She wrote about care-giving.

 ďAs each has received a gift, employ it for another, as good stewards of Godís varied gifts.Ē (1 Peter 4:20)