Family News

Parents know what is best for their children - the Supreme Court ruled recently after the issue in the state of Washington was debated, the right of parents to decide whether and when to allow visitation with their children.

Divorce and teen smoking - After collecting data from 9,215 adults in San Diego, CA, scientists from Emory College and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention found results showed that parental divorce caused early teens to smoke.  Difficult childhood experiences caused by the divorcing of parents led to this use of nicotine as a form of self-medication, as a coping device.

Family Must Be Priority for Governments – Pope John Paul II appealed to public authorities to pay "assiduous attention " to the family.  He requested that “special efforts be made to resolve the problems of the family on the issues of lack of affordable homes and insufficient day care centers for children which makes it difficult for families to be open to life".

Youth Making a Difference (YMAD)   A Millennium Youth Assembly & Family Celebration was held April 28-29, 2000 in Alberta, Canada, co-sponsored by Youth for Action and The World Congress of Families.

"The decay of the family throughout the world is accelerating.  Disturbing developments are happening nationally and at the UN, which jeopardize the natural family.  At this critical moment in history we have an incredible opportunity to stand for the natural family and light the way to a brighter future.…  The power we possess, as youth is great…. " - Katie Davis, 17, of YMAD.