Q Attendees to Gather in Groups to Share, Discuss

The Quinquennial Congress will feature an opportunity for attendees to formally gather in small groups of 8 to 10 people almost every afternoon to pray, share, discuss and react to the presentations.

Dubbed "Congress Fraternities", the small groups "can meet as often as they wish throughout the entire Quinquennial Congress," noted Planning Committee member Anne Mulqueen, SFO.

"Initially, the group members will need time to get to know each other. In the discussion portion, the individuals will share and compare their impressions and reactions to the presentations. Discussion questions will be provided. The group itself will determine how much time will be spent on relationship building, discussion and free time. Ideally, a comfortable balance will emerge for all."

The hope, she said, is that "discussions will provide multiple perspectives which, ideally, will promote growth and understanding of other cultures."

Also, the Congress Fraternities will provide an opportunity to develop relationships beyond one's geographical area.

"This is a continuing a practice started at our 1997 Quinquennial and is one of the more enjoyable aspects of our family gathering," she said.