Report to NAFRA

Vocation Director's report to NAFRA

At this time E-mail requests for information outnumber the phone calls. Posting my e-mail address on the NAFRA website has resulted in many e-mails. I receive at least three or four a day. They are answered immediately and the name and phone number for a contact person is given to the inquirer.

I get as many as 28 phone calls in a week. Their requests warrant written responses to the inquirer and to the contact person. It is sufficient to say that over 1000 inquiries by phone and e-mail are answered each year. That brings the total count since 1995 to 9,856. By October the total will be 1000. This indicates that people are searching for something or maybe just curious.

Occasionally I hear from the contact person who tells me that the person has called and is attending their fraternity gatherings. Sometimes the inquirer writes and thanks me for the information to say that they are attending a fraternity formation class. God grant that our fraternities be the privileged place for their vocations.

I recognize that this service of phone and e-mail is a costly expense for NAFRA but I hope that it is valuable enough to warrant the cost.


Marie Amore, SFO

National Vocation Director