“Ecumenism is not an option it is an order.  It comes not from theologians, but from ‘Theos’.”        --- Pope John Paul II


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On our commitment to ecumenism this quote is given:  “This unity, which the Lord has bestowed on his Church and in which he wishes to embrace all people, is not something added on, but stands at the very heart of Christ’s mission”.  -----  Pope John Paul II


The National Fraternity formed the Ecumenical Committee in 1997 and we have actively ministered under their guidance in response to concern of the International SFO to be inclusive to all our separated sisters and brothers. It was renamed the Ecumenical/Interfaith Committee in 2006 to better describe its evolving outreach not only to other Christians, but to people of all faiths.


Our Vision


Our vision is to educate and to raise the awareness of our Franciscan sisters and brothers in the United States to the ecumenical movement in the Church and in particular to strengthen collaboration with non-Roman Catholic secular Franciscans.