Working With Others

People sitting at a table studying together

The single most important leadership characteristic is the ability to work well with others. In order to be an effective servant leader an individual must have good human relation skills.

The survey that follows will assist you in evaluating your strengths and weaknesses as you work with others. Rate each individual statement using the following scale.






  1. I try to make other people feel important.________
  2. I speak to most people and call them by name.________
  3. I encourage others to share their ideas and opinions.________
  4. I treat others with respect and dignity.________
  5. I am sensitive to the emotions and feelings of others.________
  6. I thank others when they do something special for me.________
  7. I demonstrate genuine enthusiasm.________
  8. I go out of my way to talk to people who seem alone.________
  9. I am patient with and open to those that maintain an opposing view.________
  10. I encourage others to get involved with fraternity activities.________
  11. It is easy for me to say, "I'm sorry."________
  12. I can lead without being dominating.________
  13. I avoid using put-downs.________
  14. I am an upbeat type of person.________
  15. I have a good sense of humor________
  16. People enjoy being around me.________
  17. I can disagree without becoming disagreeable.________
  18. I communicate well with others.________
  19. Others view me as a concerned and caring individual.________
  20. I am able to identify the strengths of others.________
  21. Rating Scale:

    85-100  Excellent human relations skills

    70-84   Good human relations skills

    55-69   Fair human relations skills

    1-54     Poor human relation skills