National Fraternity of the OFS:
Forms and Documents for Leadership

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Regional Election
Forms and Resources (Updated 2/2014)

Regional Visitation
Forms and Resources (Updated March 2018)

  • Regional Visitation Cover Letter 2018 Word and PDF
  • Guidelines for Regional Visitations - CNSA and NEC Word and PDF
  • Regional Pre-Visitation Questionnaire Word and PDF
  • Check-off sheet in Preparation for Regional Visitation Word
  • Visitation Brochure by Fr. Lester Bach Word and PDF
  • Suggested Schedule for Regional Visitation Word and PDF
  • Pastoral Visitation from SA Handbook PDF

Miscellaneous items

Duns Scotus Trust Fund Grant Application Word PDF
Sponsor as Agent of Formation/Ceremony of Sponsorship PDF
Mediation as a means of conflict resolution within the OFS PDF PPT
Generic promotional brochure, now with OFS instead of SFO PDF
Example transfer document Word
OFS Affiliate Protocol Word
Confidential Emergency Medical Form Excel (Medical form.xls) Acrobat (medical_form.pdf)

Forms for reporting demographic information

Note: Regions may choose to use either the forms including low/medium/high income (no dollar amounts) or the forms with dollar ranges. Use the corresponding forms at all levels within a specific region.

    Forms including low/medium/high income range:
  • Regional Minister's Census [PDF] [Word]
  • Census Takers Form (summarizing a fraternity or other group) [PDF] [Word]
  • Individual SFO Census Form [PDF] [Word]
    Forms including dollar ranges for income:
  • Regional Minister's Census [PDF] [Word]
  • Census Takers Form (summarizing a fraternity or other group) [PDF] [Word]
  • Individual SFO Census Form [PDF] [Word]

Regional Fraternity Treasurer's Forms

Accounting System & Forms for Regional Treasurers Word (FORMS.doc) Acrobat (FORMS.pdf)
Checking Account Ledger Excel (ch-ledger.xls) Acrobat (ch-ledger.pdf)
Chart of Accounts Excel (chart-ac.xls) Acrobat (chart-ac.pdf)
Account Ledger Excel (ac-ledger.xls) Acrobat (ac-ledger.pdf)
Regional Treasurer's Report (quarterly) Excel (TREAS-4.xls) Acrobat (TREAS-4.pdf)
Regional Treasurer's Report (annual) - updated 2013 Excel (REG_TREAS-A.xls) Acrobat (REG_TREAS-A.pdf)
Fraternity Ledger Excel (fr-ledger.xls) Acrobat (fr-ledger.pdf)
Fraternity Summary Report Excel (frat-rep.xls) Acrobat (frat-rep.pdf)

National Fraternity Forms and Documents

Commission and Committee Annual Budget Request Form Excel (comm budget.xls) Acrobat (comm_budget.pdf)
Request for Reimbursement of Expenditures - updated 2013 Excel (reimbursement_form.xls) Acrobat (reimbursement_form.pdf)
NAFRA Guidelines for De-Activating a Regional Fraternity Word (NAFRAGuidelinesforDe-ActivatingaRegionalFraternity.docx) PDF (NAFRAGuidelinesforDe-ActivatingaRegionalFraternity.pdf)

Local Fraternity Treasurer's Forms

Treasurer's Reporting Requirements Word (TREAS RepReq.doc) Acrobat (treas_rptrqts.pdf)
Fraternity Treasurer's Annual Report Excel (NAF-TR-1.xls) Acrobat (NAF-TR-1.pdf)
Monthly Report to the Fraternity Council Excel (NAF-TR-3.xls) Acrobat (NAF-TR-3.pdf)
Fraternity Treasurer's Worksheet Excel (NAF-TR-10.xls) Acrobat (NAF-TR-10.pdf)
Details of Monthly Expenditures Excel (EXP-1.xls) Acrobat (EXP-1.pdf)
Confidential Record of Donations Received Excel (DON-1.xls) Acrobat (DON-1.pdf)
Record of Donations Received - Fraternity Summary by Meeting Date Excel (DON-2.xls) Acrobat (DON-2.pdf)
Record of Donations Received - Fraternity Summary by Member Excel (DON-3.xls) Acrobat (DON-3.pdf)
Monthly Details of Donations and Other Income Received Excel (DON-4.xls) Acrobat (DON-4.pdf)

NAFRA Treasurer's Documents of general interest

Bequests: Preserving and Extending Our Secular Franciscan Way of Life (Updated 2013) Word (Bequests.doc) Acrobat (bequests.pdf)
NAFRA Statement of Purposes and Internal Controls Word PDF
Per Capita Donation Guidelines Word (PerCapita Donation Guidelines.doc) Acrobat (percapita_guidelines.pdf)
Record Retention Word (Record Retention.doc) Acrobat (record_retention.pdf)
Traveler Guidelines - Policy on Reimbursement of Travel Related Expenses (Updated 2016) Word (NAFRA_Travel_Expenses_Guidelines.doc) Acrobat (NAFRA_Travel_Expenses_Guidelines.pdf)
Treasurer's Guidelines Word (Treasurer Guidelines.doc) Acrobat (treasurer_guidelines.pdf)
Questions Frequently Asked of the National Treasurer (updated 7/27/2015) Word (TreasurerQuestions_2015update.doc) Acrobat (TreasurerQuestions_2015update.pdf)
Treasury Guidelines: "How Much Is Enough?" Word (Treasury Guidelines.doc) Acrobat (treasury_guidelines.pdf)
Taxing Correspondence Word (TAXING CORRESPONDENCE.doc) Acrobat (taxing_correspondence.pdf)
Obtaining an Employer ID Number (EIN) - revised Jan. 2016 Word (ObtainingAnEmployerIDNumberEIN.doc) Acrobat (ObtainingAnEmployerIDNumberEIN.pdf)
SS4 form Rev. 2010   Acrobat (IRS_SS_4_form_revised_2010.pdf)
SS4 Instructions Rev. 2016   Acrobat (IRS_SS_4_form-instruction-revised_Feb_2016.pdf)